November 19, 2006

hey all its byn a while since i last posted this blog coz i have byn too bz and now i have moved :D..

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Phone Synchronize – Sony Ericsson S700

June 29, 2006

With my phone and PC connected now i needed a software to syncronize. First i decided to go with the Sony Ericsson Sync Station. Here is something very funny. I downloaded the file from the official sony ericsson wrbsite and the setup did not work. At first i thought it was a problem with my downloaded file. Then again i downloaded the file, i had to wait patiently for about two hours or so. and this time also the file was corrupted. I did a google and it showed me some other links tried one of them and it worked!!

Sony Ericsson Sync Station

Official Site

The link that worked

While i waited for that to finish downloading i did another google. Weather there were anyother software that was compatible with my requirements. Thats when i fount float’s Mobile Agent (FMA). This is one awesome software. You can download the software from there official website.

Now to allow other softwares use the BT serial port to connect to your phone.. Right Click the the little BT logo in your system tray and select Quich Connect>>Bluetooth Serial Port>>and select the device (for eg; My Phone). This should update your system.

I’ve used both of these softwares and I DONT LIKE Sony Ericsson Sync Station AT ALL!! I thought it wud be a software, instead its just a synchronizing agent that synchronizes your phone to MS Outlook. And for that it uses up 35.5MB. It’s slow and not so user friendly.. etc.. Borderline it SUX.
On the other hand FMA awesome. Its just about 3 MB, uses its own resources, fast, user friendly.. and i’m sticking with it..

Anyway, install the software you want. FMA is what i recommend. and now you’ll need to setup the software you choosed as follows;

SE Sync Station

Run Start>>All Programms>>Sony Ericsson>>Sync Station>>Sync Station Settings. This will launch a lil black phone icon into your system tray. right click it and select configure. From the pop-up window select ‘COM Ports’ tab. Usually BT is given COM 4. Verify it from Device Manager and enable that port. Now turn on the BT of your phone enable your pc and launch the Sync Station. it should work like a charm.


RUN Start>>All Programms>>float’s Mobile Agent>>float’s Mobile Agent. This should start the software or launch it into the system tray. Open the software and select Tools>>Options>>General. From Serial Port select the port assigned for BT. Apply it and you are done.

best of luk 😉

MSI Bluetooth Dongle Setup

June 29, 2006


This is the result of a research i did the past two days. Recently i bought a Sony Ericsson S700 from a friend (Afey). Since the phone came without the cable and i wanted to connect it to my pc i went for Bluetooth(BT), and guess what I’m glad i did. At the begining i only had a MSI BToes Bluetooth Dongle ( Bluetooth1.2 USB Transceiver, 10 Meters) and a driver that didnt work. The drivers setupfile was corrupted. After hours of browsing i figured it out and this is how it worked for me;

NOTE; This method might not work on all the dongles out there and there might be another way of doing this. This is just the method i used

First download this file. It contaings the BT software and a patcher.

Click to Download

NOTE; This is not the latest version of the BT software, this is version The latest version can be downloaded from, but the patcher in this does not work with the latest software thts why i went with this. There are patcher’s for the latest version also do a google if you want to be updated i think i am gona stick with this for the time being.

Plug your BT device to your PC (when ‘Found new hardware wizard’ appears cancel it, extract the files you just downloaded and run the setup file which should be in the folder named ‘Blutooth Software’ and install the software. At the end of the installation it will again display a ‘Found new hardware wizard’. This time do it. DONT let it search and install the drivers. If you do so it will install the Windows BT drivers which is of no good. Show it ‘Blutooth Software’ folder (the one you downloaded and extracted). After a search it will display two drivers. One is the windows file which will show the location as ‘c:\WINDOWS..’ something. The other one is the one you need. Select it and install it. Now re-start you pc. Your device is installed and should work fine now.

Best of luk. 😉

Pearl Jam – Pearl Jam (Download Link)

May 18, 2006


Thanx alot to Garfield for this download link. Thanx alot bro.. ummah!!

Everyone enjoy this album with compliments from Garfield and bondhalhey 😉



Heres another link.. thankx to flcon 🙂 

Web attacks end anti-spam effort!!

May 18, 2006 

A series of web attacks by spammers have forced a security firm to end an initiative to curb junk mail.

Israeli start-up Blue Security used a variety of tactics to make spammers clean up the lists of addresses to which they sent junk mail.

The firm also automatically filled in forms on spammers' websites to get names taken off the mailing lists.

But escalating attacks from spammers annoyed by the initiative's success has led to its closure.

Widespread attack

Blue Security set up the Blue Frog anti-spam scheme in July 2005 and since then has signed up more than 500,000 members.

The scheme involved users reporting to Blue Security every spam message they received. The security firm would then contact the spammers who sent the mail and ask them to remove the name of that user from their mailing list.

 If this method of stopping spam failed, Blue Security would then visit the spammer's websites advertising the products seen in junk mail and fill in any forms asking for users' names be removed from the list.

This could mean that some spammers' websites were getting thousands of requests for mailing lists to be cleaned up every day.

Blue Security claimed that the scheme reduced spam for many of those that signed up.

The tactic of bombarding spammers' websites was controversial among many anti-spam workers.

Sense of responsibility

The first indication that some junk mailers had taken exception to the anti-spam efforts came in early May when Blue Security was hit by a large so-called Distributed Denial of Service attack.

In such attacks websites get bombarded with huge amounts of data that their servers cannot handle.

At the same time some of those that had signed up for Blue Security's anti-spam system started getting threatening messages.

Blue Security realised that if it re-started its anti-spam campaign the attacks would get worse as the spammers seemed to have a huge network of remotely-controlled computers under their control.

"We cannot take the responsibility for an ever-escalating cyber war through our continued operations," said a statement on Blue Security's website.

As a result the company has decided to discontinue its anti-spam efforts.

"We believe this is the responsible thing to do," said the statement.

The company said it would now explore other ways to use its technology although for non-spam uses.

information source;

haha.. what else can ya say.. spammers.. hackers.. crackers.. DON'T MESS WITH 'EM.. LEAVE 'EM ALONE!!

Pearl Jam – Pearl Jam

May 17, 2006


Album Information;

Released     2 May 2006
Recorded     Studio X, Seattle, Washington
Genre        Rock
Length      49:42
Label             J Records
Producer(s)     Adam Kasper and Pearl Jam

Track Listing;

1. "Life Wasted" (Gossard/Vedder) – 3:54
2. "World Wide Suicide" (Vedder) – 3:27
3. "Comatose" (McCready/Gossard/Vedder) – 2:19
4. "Severed Hand" (Vedder) – 4:29
5. "Marker In The Sand" (McCready/Vedder) – 4:23
6. "Parachutes" (Gossard/Vedder) – 3:36
7. "Unemployable" (Cameron/McCready/Vedder) – 3:04
8. "Big Wave" (Ament/Vedder) – 2:58
9. "Gone" (Vedder) – 4:09
10. "Wasted Reprise" (Gossard/Vedder) – 0:53
11. "Army Reserve" (Ament/Vedder/Echols) – 3:43
12. "Come Back" (McCready/Vedder) – 5:29
13. "Inside Job" (McCready/Vedder) – 7:07

Pearl Jam is the self-titled eighth studio album by Pearl Jam and their debut release for J Records. Released on 2 May 2006, it is the band's first full-length studio release in almost four years, the longest gap for any Pearl Jam album. The album was produced and mixed by Adam Kasper and Pearl Jam at Studio X in Seattle.

Pearl Jam's first single, "World Wide Suicide", and the companion B-side, "Unemployable", were made available on online music stores on March 14, 2006. Both songs are included on the released album.

On March 24, 2006, demo versions of the tracks "Life Wasted", "Comatose" (formerly known as "Crapshoot Rapture"), "Severed Hand", and "Parachutes" were leaked in their entirety on the internet.

Rolling Stone has called it the "Best Pearl Jam album in 10 years".

The album entered the UK charts at #5, their highest position there since 1998's Yield, while it reached #2 in the US, selling 279,564 copies in its first week.

information source;

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Hey check it out it was released on my b'day.. muahahaha!! thanx PJ. Download Link for this awesome album coming real soon 😀 

ABF Outlook Backup

May 17, 2006

ABF Outlook Backup is one of the best Outlook utility out there. I've been using this for over 6 months and it has not failed me even once. It is very user friendly and very simple. You will just need to select the items you want to backup, select the backup destination and click back up. It will create a compressed backup file which can be only read by this software. To restore you will have to select the backup file and select the items you want to restore and as a destination you can select "outlook" or "outlook express" from the little drop down menue. If you are going to restore your backup on a newly installed Outlook you will have to open the software atleast once before restoring, since then only the appropriate user files will be created. According to their website for Outlook Express and Outlook you need to different softwares, but this worked for me for both of them. Let me know how it goes for ya. Best of luk. 🙂

Screen Shot;

Download Link; 


To crack this download this crack file and unzip "abfoutlookbackup.exe" to "C:\Programme Files\ABF Software\ABF Outlook Backup\" (change C: to the drive of your OS installation)

Enjoy 😉 

World Fair Trade Day

May 13, 2006


Each year, on the second Saturday of May, World Fair Trade Day is celebrated. The main organizer of events is the International Fair Trade Association (IFAT), in which 256 fair trade organizations from 60 countries all across the world participate. These are mainly (65%) in the particularly disadvantaged countries of the southern hemisphere. The organization's mission is to promote the trade "based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity." The participants, as they state on their website, strive for the following things:

    * Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers
    * transparency and accountability
    * Capacity building
    * Payment of a fair price
    * Gender equity
    * Improved Working conditions
    * The environment

World Fair Trade Day was first celebrated in 2005. It developed from the European Worldshop Day that began in 1996 and is still organized.

The year 2005 (May 14th) chosen theme Fair Trade is Peace reminds us of the role that development and the equity trade can play in the peace efforts. The attention is centered on a wide range of Fair Trade products, like coffee, tea, jewelery, clothes and handicrafts.

In 2006, World Fair Trade Day is on May 13, and the year's theme will focus on the unique role of Fair Trade Organisations.

information source; 

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Flyakite OSX

May 13, 2006


Here's the other Windows XP to Mac OSX tranformation pack i was talking about the other day. This is one is very similar to TigeMilk but Flyakite gives you some awesome options. Like two kinds of ObjectDocks, Many icon themes and stuff. Both of them are good but i like Flyakite a little better. You make your choice.

Official Website (This is one website you would really want to checkout)

To Download goto tht website. It will have a couple of download links

Enjoy 😉

Punk Goes 90’s – Download Link

May 13, 2006


Here it is the magic link’s/

This link might be a little slower so you’ve gotto have some patience.. hehe. If anyone can give me another link it would be very helpful.

Here’s is a rapidshare link. Many thanx to Qwertyderek for the link. Thanks man 🙂